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Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+

Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+

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  • Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+ -The 2-in-1 treatment which repairs and protects damaged skin against the sun to limit scarring.

Cicabio SPF 50+ helps repair damaged skin exposed to the sun by acting on every stage of the biological epidermal reconstruction process and limiting the risk of post-scarring hyperpigmentation (brown spot).

    • The synergistic combination of resveratrol, copper and centella asiatica facilitates quality epidermal restoration.
    • Very high SPF 50+ protection limits the risk of hyperpigmentation.
    • Anti-bacterial agents (copper-zinc) cleanse the epidermis.
    • Antalgicine™ rapidly relieves the sensation of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch.
    • Its moisturising and protective texture, based on hyaluronic acid, is non-greasy and non-sticky for genuine skin comfort.

• For damaged skin exposed to the sun
    • For minor skin problems in the sun
    • For the entire family (adults, children, infants*)
    * For children under 36 months, consult your physician.
• Restores the epidermis
    • Protects against the sun thanks to the very high SPF 50+ UV protection to limit the risk of post-scarring hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
    • Relieves discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch
    • Purifies thanks to the copper and zinc antibacterial agents
    • Moisturises
• Fragrance-free formula
    • No artificial colouring agent (the product's colour is natural and a result of the active ingredients)
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Photostable
    • Waterproof
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Compatible with make-up
    • Very good tolerance

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