JAYJUN Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch

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  • Soothes and brightens your eye zone with this imperfection-removing Roselle tea hydrogel eye patch
  • Key Ingredient: White flower complex (Skin brightening), Hibiscus flower extract (Skin purifying), Hyaluronic acid (Skin hydrating)
  • Solutions for: Brightening, Hydrating
  • How to use: Apply on to under eye area. Let patch set for 20-30 minutes. Pat over.
  • Claims: Cruelty free, Paraben free

Whitening & Wrinkle-Improvement

Let your eyes and wrinkles be elastic


  • whitening
  • wrinkle-improvement
  • hydration
  • vitalizing


Recommended for


  • When your stimulated eyes need soothing
  • When you worry about your neck's wrinkle
  • When your mouth's around becomes dark
  • When your glabella needs a rest


Main Ingredients

Hibiscus makes your skin-tone clear and smooth so that helps your skin to be bouncy.

White Flower Complex helps to improve skin-condition

-Orange blossom, Elder flower, Tiger lily, Frangipani, Lily magnolia

Chinese Lizardtail Extract: Pore tightening

Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrating

Adenosine: Helps wrinkle-improvement

Niacinamide: Helps whitening


How to Use

01 Tidy your face up after cleansing

02 Apply patches where you want to care

03 Remove patches after 20~30 minutes

04 Tap your face to absorb remaining essence.

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